January 15, 2012

Is it "practical"?

Just came across two news items- one about Gareth and the other about a pws, who narrates a story in a high drama theatrical in Brooklyn..

These lines from Gareth are very relevant to those pws who have attneded a Communication workshop- or plan to:
“The McGuire programme changed my life. It is not a cure and my speech is something I have to constantly keep on working on. There are days I put more in and days I don’t and I become complacent and slip backwards. I’m now one of the instructors on the programme. Again it is about giving something back and helping change a stammerer’s life, how it helped change mine." (link)

This second news item needs some patience- Keep on reading till it makes sense, and when it does- WOWwww- that is what you will say, I hope! (link)
Keep on stretching the limits of what you think is PRACTICAL for you in 2012..

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