December 7, 2011

A Stuttering meet on 4th December in Delhi

Delhi shg meeting

A stuttering friends meeting took place in Delhi, this time in place of earlier shg’s. It was quite interesting because this time we had maximum members and a roof on our heads :-). We are thankful to mr. Nitin tomer for providing us his home for meeting.  Meeting attended by ten members in which 4 new members Sallender, Sachin tayagi, Arun, Rajlingam, Amit dixit and Sorav. The Meeting was hosted by Parmendra, Sikander and Umesh. Ok. We do the following activities in the meeting :-
  1.    Introduction- First we did a formal introduction round for everyone who came to meeting. Some member use techniques which they learned but everyone had hard time to speak his name as I feel.
  2.    Sharing experience- We provided new members to share their experiences with stammering and speech therapy. Members wanted to tell more about their good and bad experiences of life, but we had to say sorry to provide everyone time to speak.
  3.    Sharing techniques- Parmendra told all members to follow the ground rules of speaking at slow pace. Some members already following it like Mr. Amit dixit and Sachin tayagi. We both param and me was really surprised that how they could maintain the slow and rhythm in their speech without feeling the pressure of group. Hat's down to their attitude.
      Umesh showed demo of bouncing and prolongation to all members. Some members had question about it but their doubts were cleared. Attending workshops in earlier time really came to help me. We also gave a chance to every member to speak few sentences with the new techniques just they had learned.
  4.    Reading practice- We provided some newspapers to everyone to read and check their speaking rate. Some members had fast speaking rate like me and param, some had very slow speaking rate. Sikander ji told that we had to reduce speaking rate to a balanced one by taking pauses and deep breaths.
  5.    Telephonic conversation- All members was given some telephone numbers like Taj hotel, Ticket reservation, electronic purchasing etc randomly. Few members made video recording of their mates. Everyone feel shy at first time but after finishing the task they really feel relaxed and confident. I myself had lot of blocks which consume lot of energy and I feel hunger. The best telephonic conversation award went to Mr. Nitin tomer, who really showed us never give approach.
  6.    Chinese whisper- After the testy lunch at home with stuttering friends. We played a fun activity also. In this we had two groups. One group had to tell story and other group’s member had to tell story to it’s member one by one. We enjoyed this activity with fun. People tend to change their words and loose  their content as they proceed to next person. It showed that we have to concentrate on listening skills also. A good communication needs both.
  7.    Group discussion- We did a group discussion on a topic”Working way of ISA (India Against Corruption) is good or not??” Everyone provided their knowledge about it. But no group was ready to accept defeat. Parmendra did a great job in GD. He provided everyone equal opportunity to speak and to put their points. I really enjoyed this activity most because I also got a chance to update my knowledge.
  8.    Feedback- Parmendra told to group for their valuable feedbacks. Everyone had wrote their phone no and mail id on piece of paper. We also share some information about incoming National conference. 
           Thanks to everyone to join us and fill our party with joy and knowledge. I also thanks to Dr. Sachin and Jaiprakash who showed us a path which we are now following with ease. Apologist for some delay and posting without good pics.


amit dixit said...

wonderful demonstration Umesh.And thanks too.i m missing the vedios...

sachin said...

Congrats EVERYONE! Great Job!

lalit said...

congrats..lage raho bhai