December 15, 2011

Approach Avoidance conflict

In last 8-9 years, I have browsed and read all kind of writings on stammering- yes, even articles titled "Cure your stammering under 7 minutes", even Nathaniel Bogue- but two writers have fascinated me no end. It is not what they said or wrote- but the kind of life they had lived- which continues to fascinate me. Because in the long run, it is LIFE which communicates with life- not flowery fluent words, impressing intellect. These are: Van Riper and Joseph Sheehan.

Of course their words too are no less inspiring than their lives. Just sample this, from Sheehan's biography (yes, both of them are no more in body):

Sheehan developed his own theory of stuttering, the Approach-Avoidance Conflict Theory. It is unique in its conception that avoidance of stuttering or the suppression of stuttering is a major factor contributing to its persistence. He also developed a therapy based on his theory that stresses openness, admitting one's role as a stutterer, being willing to speak in all kinds of situations, and learning to stutter in a new and easy way without holding back and without struggle. Fluency comes as a by-product of changing both attitudes and habits.(the original article)
 If you want to learn more about his Conflict Theory and Avoidance-Reduction Therapy, check this page. I find him very relevant even today. And if you want to know something about Van Riper, who is considered Father of the modern speech therapy for stammering, check this page. They were pioneers in every sense of the word. Amazing!

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Ashish Agarwal said...

Out of 3 links, i liked 'Sheehan's massage to stammerers' the most.

wonderful insights of esteem stammerers...