October 4, 2011

will you please speak little louder

will you please speak little louder ........these are some words which my listener want to say,
he is already little dis comfortable with my dis fluency, still i am increasing his discomfort by speaking in low volume,he has to make some extra effort to listen me.

This may be general problem with some pws ,they(including me) don't want to disclose their stammering(which they can't) so they speak slowly so if they stammer only active listener notice this lead to low volume speaking

i don't want to generalize any idea bu,t i think ...Loudness and confidence are interrelated for both stammerer and non stammer and confidence is related with stammering so ...loudness is related to stammering.........ohhh we established relation between them, and you all pws know what to do next ,yes..... need to work on loudness...for this, we have to practice this for 5 to 10 min daily for some weeks.


sachin said...

One hundred percent right, Lalit!
Nobody will be offended, if you speak just 10% louder. In fact, many will be very thankful!

Er. Umesh 8529982551 said...

Nice notation Lalit!
if we are fluent then we like to speak louder but if not then we doesnt want to disclose it more.
we have to do something reverse.