October 26, 2011

Stuttering mindset

Thanks to listening to Eckhart Tolle and my recent practice of mindfulness, I have been able to see some patterns of thinking, behaving, feeling and acting in myself and people around me, some of which make me laugh due to their sheer madness.

Living in your head/Paralysis by Analysis: Recently I had to go to Delhi for two day workshop and since I am going through a tight financial condition, I couldn't afford the usual Shatabadi that I am used to; There was this constant thought about canceling my visit due to a lot of seemingly convincing reasons:- the most important thing right now is to look for a job, workshop is not a priority and et al.

But thankfully I can now observe my thoughts; even though finding a job is most important, I can very easily spare two days (that too weekend) for the workshop as they have always helped me grow as a human being and have helped me develop my social skills! So I got some money from my father and booked sleeper class ticket to Delhi! And believe me, even though I was a bit apprehensive about traveling in Sleeper class but I found out that I can adjust and adapt to situations and conditions as they appear And the Result : TWO FUN FILLED DAYS AT DELHI :-)

So all those people who are just thinking of NOT GOING TO NC as the air fares are high and trains take two days, and stuff; Decide what you want to do and then take a leap of faith. If you don't have money, travel in sleeper or general class and I can guarantee that you will make it to Bhubnaeswar. If hotel seems very expensive, TRY to find other economical accommodation. So look at your thoughts from a distance and see if you really want to follow that thought or want something else ?
DO you really want to miss 5 days of fun and a chance to be yourself ?
And yes, some of us would have to miss it. As from my experience, we don't change until it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and then comes a time when the pain becomes so unbearable that you just want to brake free and WILL go to any lengths to make that change possible, no matter what may be the cost! Unfortunately for some of us that time may not have come.

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sachin said...

Yes- I and my thinking have become ONE. This is why it is so difficult to identify such thought patterns and turn away from them..This is why sometime our life appears like a Bollywood movie- same patterns repeating itself again and again..
But a change in company can sometime help.