September 15, 2011

Plan B

What if i don't pass my Course and New Zealand Immigration kicks my arse out(My state of studying forces me to think so)

I will surely need a next destination. Maybe I can head to Himalayas and be under Sachin Sir for spending time with differently abled kids ( I read somewhere, JP did it ). I will save some money for it.

What are your comments Sachin Sir.


sachin said...

Man, u r welcome anytime..!

Dhruva Kathuria said...

Cmon shorn,dont think you will fail the course man,triple your efforts,this is an opportunity of a lifetime for you,dont let it go,you can come to sachin sir even in vacations,just an advice from a well wisher

J P Sunda said...

I agree with Dhruv. Running away and crying may be EASY but if you can hold yourself and ACCEPT that - yes, right now I am in a mess and see to it that you give your best to get out of it.

You become more efficient by doing the things that matter now. Don't try to do everything but do what needs to be done to get you out of this mess...may be stop writing blog or cut down on a few other unimportant things (which doesn't includes sleep...please sleep well and become efficient when you are awake :-)

Also ask for help from teachers and your fellow classmates..Most importantly learn to be comfortable with "being uncomfortable" and "uncertainty" and have faith in your capabilities. And I am sure you will surprise yourself!! Good luck.

P.S. If you can survive the fear of stammering for so long, you can atleast give it a best shot. Can't you

Shorn Jacob said...

Yes JP.

Thats the rational thing to do. Face the present

Shorn Jacob said...

Whats with earthquakes and the places i intend to go. :-)