September 24, 2011

Life is...Go On - (a short story) Final part

Neha met Vishal’s family: his mother & sister Sonia. It was hard to condole them. It was not easy for her to have eye contact with his mother, a mother who had lost her beloved son.

Finally, it was the time to have last glimpse of Vishal, who was resting in another room. She approached that room along with Sonia; it was a scary moment for her. Some sort of darkness over powered her soul. It was a small though crowded room. People were sitting, standing all around Vishal.

This next door neighbor guy was almost impossible to reach today for Neha. She was just dragging herself into the crowd to see him. Finally she was able to see vishal. At first instance, she could not recognize him. What this cheap politics borne terrorism have done to one of the most handsome guy of the college. It was the first time in her life, when cheap politics & its aftermaths have hurt Neha so much.

Vishal was lying as if sleeping deeply after a long busy journey, called Life. Even in this very moment of demise, vishal was not letting Neha get shattered. His smiling face was so clear in her memories.

She lost any faith in the whole system; but Vishal was re strengthening it. She became so restless …didn’t know what to do at all..where to go…whom to tell…that she had lost her first love…that she had lost Vishal forever…A storm of sadist thoughts occupied her all over. She just sat down near Vishal with eyes closed.

Sooner that storm started to slow down. Now, she can visualize Vishal’s attitude towards: Vishal had always been a person living in present with very little bothered about the past. He had passed his army exam only in his last attempt. But he never looked upset or sad after all those unsuccessful attempts before the final success. He used to say that- “Life goes on….without bothering at all if you are sad or happy. It is going to pass away anyhow. So better we accept it as it comes to us & make most out of it.”

Vishal is no more! He had completed his journey of life. She had to accept it anyhow. No power in this world can bring him back.

So is it fair to feel so sadist & depressed? Where ever may be Vishal now, will he be happy to see it?

Certainly Not!

The grieved people, still alive are more important to be taken care off than some one not alive.

Also, it would be unfair to Hitesh if she still have such eternal feelings for someone else.

Hitesh is, off course a good man!

These thoughts made her cope up this moment of pain & let her react to the things wisely.

Till the funeral of Vishal, Neha was always there with his mother. It can never be any thing more for a woman to see the dead body of his young son.

If not as a mother, at least as a lady Neha could understand what his mother was going through.

Hitesh was also paying his sincere regards to Vishal, over whelmed by his sacrifice for the motherland.

The next day, Neha & Hitesh were driving back.

Neha was again resting on hitesh’s shoulders as when they were coming to see off Vishal.

But this time, she was not as upset. She told Hitesh that she is going to tell about Vishal to her students. Being a school teacher, it can never be any thing better to discuss the story of Vishal to her students to make them good civilians.

Hitesh told her that he is going to visit Vishal’s memorial every year on his birthday.

Neha smiles at him. Vishal must also be smiling…where ever he is Life Go On........


sachin said...

Sweet story. I enjoyed it.. Thanks Ashish!

lalit said...

nice story....with good ending...and liked character of Hitesh ...and waiting for ur next story

Er. Umesh 8529982551 said...

Very good entitled "Life is..Go On". Chalti ka naam gaadi hai.. Keep it up. We all are waiting for next story.

Rockford said...

:) Nice story dude.
Keep writing

Aditya Saini said...

hey i want to know can stammerer serve in the defence field,as much of my problem i have recovered.And one thing i also want know, was vishal had also a problem of stammering.