September 30, 2011

Is TISA a cure for stammering?

Many PWS have to ask this question to me. I simple reply them “NO“. You can watch me, I have attended two workshop of TISA but still I stammer. Again they ask hopelessly, then for what purpose TISA is?? This time I give my answer with energetic voice. Tisa removes your fear of stammering not your stammering. You may still speak same as before. But after attending TISA workshop or SHG meeting, I guarantees you that you will no more regret of yourself of being a stammer. Is it less if you get someone who can relief you from your 24×7 mental burden and tensions? TISA will surely do this for you, but you have to give at-least one chance to TISA (Ek baar seva ka mauka de tho sahi). I want to share some changes in my beliefs and attitude which I got after attending TISA workshop.

                                 I was a hidden member of TISA who generally reads blogs and experience of other TISA members (who are recovered). I thought by reading and getting their knowledge & experience, some day I will also cure myself. Then I will complete my all dreams (like cracking jokes, arguments with friends, impress and proposing the beautiful girl of my class etc. actually a long list). But I crossed my 23 but still I was waiting for that day. I took admission in and from here my real fight starts. There was more time to do something for my speech so I contacted some TISA members by mails and phone no’s. But still I was not able to find a suitable technique which can cure the awkward way of my speaking. This was really a frustrating time for me. I got to know that only one person can help me, who cure himself completely and know the perfect technique to get rid of stammering. I called one day that person, Dr. Sachin sir. I asked, “sir ji ,what is the best thing which really helps a person who stutter”. Sir politely told me that it is “Acceptance”. I said ok. But I was really confusing. How can I cure myself if I accept my stammering? But I thought if a stammering guru told me to do that then at least I have to try this thing one time. First time I told my closed friend about this my problem in a closed room. I stammer more while try to understanding him all the things and emotions related to stammering. But after doing so, I really proud of myself like I won a battle and now nobody will stop me to became a fluent person like others.   
                               But after months, time passed, problem was the same. Only one benefit, at least I could stammer without hesitating in front of that friend. But this was not sufficient. I heard that one of TISA workshop was going to organize at Herburtpur in month of May of this year. I planned to attend this workshop at any cost. This workshop was really a nice experience of my whole life till. Every worry, emotions, questions, tensions, shame, fear, guilty were started to melt down like an ice. Like I found god in Herburtpur. But truly speaking my stammering increases when I came back from workshop and I knew the reason why. I was eagerly waiting for another workshop and this time I took all the responsibility to conduct this workshop and I successfully done this with help of Sachin sir and my stranger friends. 
                             Now I conduct SHG meeting in Delhi regularly and there is no 24×7 ghost in my mind. It give openness in all other aspect of my life even other than stammering. Now I satisfy with my life journey and no more regret why I can’t speak sometime that I want to speak. Now I understand that my life is better and have quality standards than many fluent people. Thanks to TISA and my new TISA family!


abhishek said...

wow guru! i am agree with your shg and workshop experience.
e.g. umbrella can't stop the rain. but make us to stand the rain.similiraly shg or workshop may not bring stammering cure but it gives a power and confidence to face any pws start the shg or attend the workshop because there is no advantage to think and only think of their stammering in a closed room.
kisi ne sach hi kaha hai.....

Satyendra said...

Beautiful sharing. Yes, stammering is not a very difficult problem to deal with- only if we can talk about it, write about it, rise above the fear of it..
To do all this, we need a group, a facilitating environment..
And this is why, I appeal everyone to participate in SHG, whenever and wherever they can..
Abhishek- your Umbrella is good- keep it in good condition!

J P Sunda said...

facilitating a SHG is the best therapy that anyone can get! Thanks for sharing your experiences Umesh.

sikander said...

Hi Umesh,
Very well written dear. We will discuss in detail in SHG meeting on Sunday.

Machu said...

guys is there any group sessions in bangalore??

Machu said...

is there a TISA session in bangalore? please help

Er. Umesh said...

Very good and encouraging comments of all of you. Thanks to all. I will keep sharing..

J P Sunda said...

@ Machu : please check