July 17, 2011

Our first National conference's agenda

Dear all,

Here is the first draft of the agenda :

The Venue will be IHS( http://www.ihsindia.org/ ) at Bhubaneshwar.
Please send your feedback and comments to jaiprakashsunda at gmail.com and satksri at gmail.com.

Mr Manimaran has suggested following topics; if you have something in your mind, which is not covered by the current agenda, please leave it in comments with your name and email ID:

Additional topics to be considered:
1. Why relapse of stammering in a few months after attending speech therapy?.
2. The connection between thinking & breathing?.




Vinay said...

There is a typo... Day 3 should be 1 Jan, 2012.

J P Sunda said...

Thanks Vinay. I have corrected it!!

Sikander said...

Hi JAPS, nice to hear that the national conference is finalized and will be held in Orissa. It's a good opportunity for all TISA SHGs to meet and share their views. I am sure many people will particiate in the event. First time in India, a big conference on Stammering is going to be held at National level. I am sure, many stammerers will come out of their shell and speak up. I wish all the best to TISA Team Members and Trustee.

kishore said...

I Wish you great success guys.. i am sure maximum people will attend this First National conference.

Dhruva Kathuria said...

I was talking to Hiten Vyas of stuttering hub and he is willing to do a session with us in person or via skype if he is unable to make it,he is a mastee NLP practitioner and I think we can learn a lot from him