June 4, 2011

I stammer and I'm unemployed..

While searching for new communication exercises for our SHG, I landed up on a page, which could be ideal for some of us. We all have been thru that phase, whether we stammer or not- where every Shyam, Raghu, Lallu and Bhaiyya is getting a job, left right and center, except us! And we just cant figure out why! But because in our case, we stammer and tend to interpret everything in that 'light'- we start smelling a conspiracy (like Jesse Ventura- I have been watching him a lot recently BTW :-).
Okay, so such phases come in every one's life. What did I do, when I was in this "no-go" situation? I spent a lot of time on-line and learned whatever I could and laughed -whenever I could remember! This site gives a lot of information relevant to prospective employees. It also has a page where you can assess your communication style and work on it. Even though it is addressed to USA audience, one can learn a lot and spend some time usefully..

While at it, check this too:

Till you get your dream job, try and think of this as a holiday..Happy browsing!

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