August 25, 2009

Dehradun SHG meet, held on 23 August 2009

12 Members were present for the weekly Self Help Group (SHG) meet held at Samagra Ashram. We started with a round of introductions and had a quick test of our listening skills by testing how many names we could remember. The next activity was a puppet show where we organized ourselves into a team of two or three and enacted a drama through the use of puppets. Next came the talent show, where some of us shared jokes, puzzles and some sang. We concluded with feedback session.

Last two pictures show how a facilitator uses puppets to help a CWS verbalize his feelings, have fun and practice his speech goals- all at the same time. Puppets can be a very creative aid even for adults. They are particularly useful to help us explore our feelings and repressed emotions. A group of CWS were asked to enact a class room scene through puppets. In doing so, they visited the personal moments of embarassment, laughed about it and later, during debriefing, talked objectively about the whole experince.

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