May 16, 2008

Chennai Meeting of PWS on 18.05.2008

Post on IndianPWS Group

Dear Friends,
The second Chennai meet is to be held on 18.05.2008 from 6.00 to 7.30 PM at marina beach near Gandhi statue. I kindly request every Chennai PWS to attend the meeting and benifit themselves. Dr.Sachin has given a small booklet about stammering. I will give the booklet in the meeting.

Any body can call me to my mobile which is given below.


V. Manimaran
Superinteding Engineer
Mobile: 94450 61999

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sachin said...

Dear Mr Manimaran
No need to say, yet, let me say- you and your group are true volunteers! Keep it up. Next time, send us a small digital picture of your meeting, if you can..