June 28, 2015

Core group expansion

We began as a community in 2008. This is 2015 and now we are ready for broadening the core group and take up more complex challenges. So first development: The core group is being expanded to include:
1. ALL shg coordinators ex officio. This will be based on City wise SHG list.
2. Women must be a part of it: Upasana (link), Mansi (link), Soma (link). Plus any WWS, who is in touch with TISA and active.
3. Amit Kushwaha (link), Hemant Jangid (link), Abhishek Kumar (link) and Dhruv Gupta (link), in recognition of the valuable work they continue to do for SELF-HELP. National Coordinator (NC) may nominate more people from time to time. An up-to-date list of core group members will be available as a tab on top of this blog.

This core group has a consultative function; it is a group of self-help PRACTITIONERS (as opposed to Theorists!)- who can consult each other, discuss an issue in the group, learn from & help each other, synchronise a campaign at regional or national level, come up with new initiatives etc. National Coordinator may delegate some work to individuals from this core group from time to time- based on their availability and skills.

Secondly, we are getting about 7-8 inquiries per week from new pws. NC may delegate responding to these queries to core group members (sometimes, even from outside), to make sure that MANY people in TISA learn how to counsel pws over emails. You will be given a template and other resources to help you do justice to this task.

Please promote and pray for our crowd funding attempt at Indiegogo!


Vipul Ubhadiya said...

Vipul here from Ahmedabad..I am wondering on forming a whatsapp group for all SHG coordinators so that all can exchange their comments, views, progress, maintaining and developing shg, consulting & counselling, etc related issues..for the beterment of all. Kindly share your views for the same..

sachin said...

Share that number on the blog here....