February 6, 2018

मूकं करोति वाचालं

First Hindi MOOC offered by Dr Satyendra. Self-paced. Based on in-video questions and comments, blogging, recording video/ audio, in-class discussions and weekly hangouts. "Hinglish" permitted where necessary. Platform: Google class plus Edpuzzle. All the necessary IT skills will be taught in the mooc itself. Duration Three months. Begins by 15th February 2018. Registration fee only Rs 500/- to cover logistics and time. Ideal audience: Young pws from Hindi belt, who can read and write Hindi (class 10 upwards) - with an android phone or a laptop plus a data plan or internet access. If interested, write 3-4 lines about yourself in HINDI and email it to satksri@gmail.com. For English mooc, please get in touch with Dr Sweta (drswetaruparel@gmail.com).

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